The Joke's On You

Notes, Quotes, Songs, Poetry and Essays re:  
The Great Cosmic Drama: from

Songs of Mystery

copyright 1987, 1991, 2003

By Thomas O. Geving


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‘Tiz the trauma of birth–and of death–that we pay
For the love of this life, the game we all play.
So-what if it’s all more a ploy than a plan?
For what better place to hide from ‘I AM’

Where we’ve all been the cast in a joke we can’t see,
‘Cause the joke and the joker’s the same entity;
And if you need this truth to be subject to view,
You’re playing the joke and the joke is on you.

JOY, The Rhyme.

This is a story about the search for truth and the fear of finding it; about the act of perceiving it, the art of interpreting it, and the audacity and courage it might take to embrace it…once so lofty a thing could be found.  And, since it has always been found, perched as it is on the tip of our noses, it’s also about the finely honed art of disguising it.

The theme of this work is that it costs us a full dimension of reality just to be able to see a reality. In the same way that photography robs us of the third dimension, seeing robs us of the fourth dimension. Since we see such a filtered envelope of this reality, and since we have completely defined and thus limited our world to three dimensions, we have clearly not been optimized to see (at least with the eyes) the true nature—or big picture—of our multi-dimensional reality.  


For God has eyes of ev’ry size
In shapes and forms unheard;
Sensations all that come about
Contained within a word:

An eye that SEES through eyes that see
Like a window through infinity,
Reflecting back to you and me
Just tokens of philosophy.