Primer and Glossary


“The fact that, in a book, we have to use words and other symbols in an attempt to express what the use of words and other symbols has hitherto obscured, tends to make demands of an extraordinary nature on both writer and reader…”  G. Spencer-Brown, LOF pp. XXVIII

"Our conventional distinctions and divisions of Reality, carried out by language, logic, and symbolic maps, do not report reality, they edit it, and here is the crux of the problem… Language…filters the ‘external world." (Ken Wilber, The Structure of Consciousness)


These are the definitions in Wave-world. Special attention has been given to define terms in their most original, ancient meaning as all the secrets are contained therein. 


MASS = Resistance to non-uniform motion (acceleration).  Your weight is a measure of mass.

ENERGY = Movement, or cause to move. Everything in thought or extension is ultimately some form of energy.

The special theory of relativity has combined these two metaphors into mass/energy which, passing through the process E=MC2 in four-dimensional motion, implies mass/energy acceleration (C<C2).

There is no origin of energy.  There is only the transformation of energy. This is important, because “Natures source of movement [energy] is always from within itself.  Indeed, it is itself” (J. Carse, Finite and Infinite Games).

Energy is about motion, of which there are two primary limitations. At one end is the speed of light: 186,240 miles per second +/-.  At the other end is the absolute zero of temperature, which is no motion whatsoever. Neither light-speed nor absolute zero, it must be emphasized, have ever been reached by any material essence in the presence of man.  Mysteriously, both ends of our current concepts of motion are unattainable goals. 

SPACE = Movement in time.

TIME =  Movement in space.  

In our universe, these metaphors not only define each other, but become each other.

“The difference perceived is because we perceive.”

Space-time is a residual, highly rarified state of negative, or repulsive, mass-energy. The movement of matter is governed or "conditioned" by space-time as the curvature of space-time is governed or conditioned by matter. Matter is a dynamic volume of space-time.

Space and time are undefined entities in science because science refuses to jump to its own conclusions. Much lip service is given to “the marriage” of space and time into “space-time.“

But because of the graphical implications of the simplest model available, the resulting “four-dimensional space-time continuum” is re-interpreted as being something that is utterly unimaginable.  But it is nothing of the sort.  (see also, Schrödinger’s wave equation below)

Einstein combined mass with energy and space with time.  So we have mass-energy and space-time.  All are defined by motion, movement  or resistance to both. But when these two cardinal metaphors combine with the non-uniform motion called action, we have the two fundamental forces of our physical reality:  Mass-energy Acceleration (Existence) and Space-time Curvature (Resistance), the two invisible attributes of the great mystery itself; what I call “The Masc of God.”  On a more personal level, I also call it “Dementia’s Masc.”

THE SEEN = That state of matter which is perceived; a process in atomic science erroneously called "the collapse of the wave function", where a wave is transformed into a temporary particle.  So you can see it!

THE SEER = That which perceives. All perception occasions the  process of transduction.  All sensory organs are transducers.  So is the brain.  And so is the body itself.  Both the seer and the seen, it must be remembered, are constructed out of  these same processes of matter.  This is important for two reasons:  it’s the basis of much of the Faulty Logic used in orthodox interpretation.  Also, it illuminates The Paradox of Truth, where “the opposite of a great truth is also a great truth.” (Neils Bohr).


ACTION:  least (most direct) movement in space.  In relativity theory, action is “…density multiplied by a four dimensional volume of space and time” (Eddington). “Action is the curvature of the world.  (PD Ouspensky)

ACTION:  least (most direct) movement in time. (thermodynamics)  Also, Max Planck’s quanta of action:  energy X time.  Thus again, the medium is the message:

Now the scales begin to fall from our eyes:  our dear old atoms, corpuscles, particles are Planck’s energy quanta.  The carriers of those quanta are themselves quanta.  (E.  Schrödinger)

Action is the process(ion) of four dimensionality, or atomic, material and spatial growth over time.

So the beginning state of matter (the appearance of mass-energy) is the transformation of wave into particle (quanta of action) and the end state of matter is the transformation of particle back into a pure wave state.  The Action in between is the procession of four dimensionality:  C<C2

AETHER:  “The aether of the general theory of relativity is a medium without mechanical and kinematic properties, but which codetermines mechanical and electromagnetic events” (A. Einstein, quoted in Subtle is the Lord, p. 313, by A. Pais)   Also, see entropy.

The ether and all the misconceptions about its existence are dealt with in chapter 11.

ARTIFICIALITY:  The hard science view.  Artificiality asserts the uniqueness and the difference between the generic mind of man from the rest of nature. Artificial man is a separate—ontologically distinct—entity that plays by his own set of rules. He is a self proclaimed outcast of nature; a man who seeks knowledge and control of nature by excluding himself from it; a creature that creates “unnatural” artifacts; a lonely island universe condemned and controlled by the fear of his death and the guilt of his life; the highly conditioned, much inflicted contagious and diseased entity whose entire existence is focused on bringing into being improved copies of himself; to recreate himself “in his own image.”

BECOMING: the unobserved state of an object in process. Karl Popper, on Heraclitus and becoming:

Truth lies in having grasped the essential becoming of nature, i.e., having represented it as implicitly infinite, as a process in itself.

BEING: The observed state of an object.

BRAHMA, or BRAHMAN:  (Skt.  brih:  “Growth,” or “To grow” )  This is the Hindu word for the ultimate reality. 

The word Brahman means growth and is suggestive of life, motion and progress.

A wonderful philosophy of dynamism was formulated by Buddha 2,500 years ago…He reduces substances, souls, monads, things to forces, movements, sequences and processes, and adopts a dynamic conception of reality. (S. Radhakrishnan, Indian Philosophy)

The general picture emerging from Hinduism is one of an organic, growing and rhythmically moving cosmos; of a universe in which everything is fluid and ever-changing, all static forms being maya, that is, existing only as illusory concepts. (F. Capra, The Tao Of Physics)

CHANCE/RANDOM: Accident, 'no apparent cause.'  “A property or quality of a substance which is not essential to our conception of it.”  Originally, chance simply meant "unpredictable." But to some hard-case scientists, it NOW means NO CAUSE PERIOD! Or, (gasp) a consequence of the uncertainty principle!

Chance is like that vacuum in space where all our laws of physics apply.  And just like a friction free, empty space, it doesn’t exist anywhere in the universe.  Only in our imagination.

When the idea of evolution by random or chance mutation came about, Science jumped at the idea because it closed the door to further investigation. It eliminated the competition (Science is hard pressed to entertain anything outside of this non-hypothesis).  When the idea of random processes invaded the nucleus, it had the exact same effect. It cleared the playing field.  

It seems remarkable that two of the cornerstones of modern science, the theory of evolution and quantum theory, have managed the incredible feat of basing a system of order and reason on a notion of randomness. (Jones, PP.101, P.M.)

DURATION:  The psychological conception of the unchanging passage of time.


Entropy is real, not some hazy notion invented by professors to make it easier to challenge students with difficult examination questions.  Like the length of a piece of string or the temperature of wine in a glass, it is a measurable physical quantity.  (James Lovelock, The Ages of Gaia, pp.21)  

"Through the law of entropy it was recognized that the spontaneous processes of nature are always accompanied by a diminuation of free and utilizable energy." (Pope Pius XII, pp. 392 in The Big Bang Never Happened)

According to Max Planck, “…there exists in nature a quantity [i.e., entropy] which always changes in the same way in all natural processes…The limitation of the law, if any, must lie in the same province as its essential idea, in the observed Nature, not in the Observer.”

According to Sir James Jeans, “entropy increases when matter is converted into energy…  Thus the end state of the universe must be the complete conversion of matter to energy.” (Ibid. pp. 134) 

Literally, the word entropy means “in change” or “in transformation!”  But it is residual energy; the residuum of experience, or the residue of an experiment.  It’s the residue from every atomic event whether local or from “the rest of the universe.”   Experience—what all transducers do in this life—means “to test” and experiment has come to mean “a test. 

All transformations of energy create entropy. (the infamous ‘second law’)  Entropy is considered a statistical measure of disorder, a non-usable, constantly increasing thermal energy that seeks equilibrium.  But methinks it seeks order, once again, through transformation:  “The one living the others death and dying the others life” (Heraclitus).

Think about entropy in two separate but related ways:

ENTROPY (1):  The entropy I, you or we occasion (relative to observer) which is minimal.

ENTROPY (2):  The entropy occasioned by “the rest of the universe.” Which is maximal

Now think of the relationship between (1) and (2).

ETHER: see Aether  

FOURTH DIMENSION: In physics, the fourth dimension is "...not exactly time but related to time. In fact, it is time multiplied by the square root of -1." (internet) Time X the square root of -1 ( i ), the "imaginary" quotient. 

"The idea of the fourth dimension ought to have arisen from observation of a series of progressively growing or diminishing spheres...

"Examining all the observable kinds of motion we must admit that the expansion and contraction of bodies come nearest to the indicated conditions." (P.D. Ouspensky)

In Wave-world, the fourth dimension is the space-time continuum itself, an ever increasing or decreasing volume of density X action (see above).

IMAGINARY, OR COMPLEX STATE: ( i ): The fourth dimension “…is not exactly time but related to time. In fact, it is time multiplied by the square root of –1.”  The square root of minus one is called the ‘complex’ or ‘imaginary’ value in mathematics and physics, and is symbolized simply by the letter i.

Now, why is i used so much? Because i is the state that flutters, is the oscillation. This has been totally overlooked in mathematics [not to mention science and philosophy], that i is in an oscillatory state…i is an oscillation.” G. Spencer Brown, AUM conf. 1

What a coincidence! Because Schrödinger’s equation—“the centerpiece” of quantum mechanics—and that which describes the evolution of a state of matter over time, contains this same i, symbolized with the Greek letter psi: Ψ. It also contains this “oscillation.” What this means is that all primary existential metaphors--space-time and mass-energy--are "imaginary". Thus, they can be imagined!

INERTIA:  cosmic laziness, that which resists change.  More formally, it means that a body in motion wants to stay in motion and a body at rest wants to stay at rest. Like gravitation, the origin of inertia is one of our fundamental mysteries.

Think about inertia as the entropy from “the rest of the universe.”

Think about inspiration, intuition and creativity as the entropic communion with “the  rest of the universe.”

INTELLIGENCE-INTELLECT: [L. inter between + legere, to gather]  Intelligence implies a more creative act than, say, knowing.  It implies reading between the lines of information that’s been gathered. Intellect, the past participle, would then mean what’s been gathered.

LOGOS:  “A moving and regulating principle in the universe together with an element in man by which according to Heraclitus this principle is perceived.” (Webster’s Third International Dictionary)  Also, “Gods medium of communication with man” (Judaism).  Since Heraclitus, the term logos has taken on many guises:  word, law, account, pattern, reason, etc.

“Logos is both discourse and content; both the truth about things and the principle on which they function.”

"The logos which constitutes the human soul mirrors the logos which structures the everchanging process of the universe."

Like the electron, photon and energy itself, logos is both the pattern and the thing itself; both energy and information. It's the bridge between the One and the many.

MATTER:  The appearance of mass-energy.  Anything that stimulates the senses does so as matter (L. mater: “mother” also, Demeter, “the Greek Goddess of Growth”).

MISSING VARIABLE:  size and time are perfectly proportional and in a perpetual state of change.   (finally, a conceptual justification of the complex value, i.)

MODERN:  A history of our living language.  “Latin modus meant originally ‘measure’ (it came from the same Indo-European base, *met-, *med-, as produced English measure and metre).  It subsequently spread out semantically to ‘size,’ ‘limit,’ ‘way, method,’ and ‘rhythm, harmony.’…Its ablative form modo hence originally denoted ‘to the measure,’ but it subsequently came to be used as an adverb meaning ‘just now.’ ” (John Ayto, Dictionary of Word Origins)

Modern man is truly, “the measurer.”  And he’s been modern now for at least 2500 years.

NATURE:  The miraculous ability of self awareness. That is, the miraculous ability for Universe to SEE itself.  And the even more miraculous ability to think about itself.  And the supreme ability to imagine itself; to think about itself thinking about itself.

Think about everything necessary for Universe to be aware of itself.  And then think about all conceivable points of view, from the highest you can imagine (Grand Observational Dimension, or G.O.D.) to the lowest. Here, for instance, is perhaps the lowest, narrowest and most limited, and specialized point of view. For it does not acknowledge its relationship with “the rest of the universe.”

To begin with, it is important to remember that in natural science we are not interested in the universe as a whole, including ourselves, but we direct our attention to some part of the universe and make that the object of our studies.  In atomic physics this part is usually a very small object, an atomic particle or a group of such particles, sometimes much larger—the size does not matter; but it is important that a large part of the universe, including ourselves, does not belong to the object.  (Werner Heisenberg, The Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics)

This type of specialized measurement, coupled with the changes brought about through transduction, is why our observations and measurements will always be lacking important dimensions.  

Where have the watchers of the forest gone. We have experts on every tree and burning bush, but no one left to speak for the forest.

PARTICLE WORLD:  Where the discontinuous particle physically participates not with “the rest of the universe”—a continuum, but only with a discontinuous observation, or measurement.  That which perceives distinguishes (cuts off) what it perceives from “the rest of the universe.” In particle world, everything, all massenergy, forces, space and even time are conceived of as the interaction of particles.

PHYSICS:  (Gk.  Physis:  “growth, nature” (See also, "Great Conversations").  Modern physics is the science of motion and measurement.

The first western philosophers: "...their aim was to determine the nature, or physis of these things [that exist; that are accessible to the senses]...The word physis had at that time but few of the overtones of the word nature by which we translate it. The word originally pertained to the act of growth [!] and to the source from which growth springs, so that to seek the nature of a thing was to seek the one underlying, living and generative reality from which the manifold things that exist spring...For the Milesian school, ("the first philosophical school of Greece")...reality is thought of in terms of growth and generation. (Frank Thilly, A History of Philosophy, 1914, published by Henry Holt and Co. NY) emphasis in bold added.

His philosophy [Anaximenes, the "Milesian school"], which is a more exact formulation of Anaximander's doctrine, may be summarized in the following words: infinite matter, a perpetual motion of condensation and rarefaction that is something like a plastic principle, necessity directing the motion. (Alfred Weber, History of Philosophy, 1896, published by Charles Scribner and Sons)

SIZE:  The psychological conception of the unchanging mass volume of space.

SUBSTANCE: that which “stands below” appearances.  In Wave~World, it is the process sustaining matter. Like essence, science has done away with the term.  Science (physics) only acknowledges what it can observe/measure.  As if the “laws of physics,” or “spreading probabilities” represented something material and observable.

“THE REST OF THE UNIVERSE”: “The space in which the atom is pictured as having position and size is an intermediary conception used to relate the atom to the ‘rest of the universe.’ It is therefore no contradiction if we say sometimes that the extension of the atom is controlled by the curvature of space, and sometimes that it is controlled by forces of interaction proceeding from the rest of the universe [i.e., they are one and the same.]. It must be remembered that we are only aware of an atom or any other object insofar as it interacts with the rest of the universe, and thereby gives rise to phenomena which ultimately reach our senses.” Arthur Eddington

A pure quantum process (described by the Schrödinger equation) occurs only in one or more parameters that have become detached from the rest of the universe, and perhaps even from space-time itself, and leave no trace of their behavior on the rest of the universe until a measurement interaction takes place. 
Alistair Rae, Quantum Physics

TRANSDUCTION:  The process of changing energy (or information) from one form to another form.  Input energy is transformed to a new output energy.  Transducers are the processors.  Eyes, ears, cameras, microphones, micrographs, speakers (microphones in reverse), etc. are all transducers.  They change mechanical  waves into electromagnetic or electrochemical particles—photons,  neurons, digits, corpuscles, ‘condensations’ or bits. They change a continuum into a discontinuity.  Or vice-versa.

The medium is the message:  the atomic transducer is the photon.  It is all we can see directly with the eyes.  It’s the medium of light. It is light.  But it has no weight.  At least by our present reckoning.

And the medium is definitely, the massage. The process is irreversible and thus changes what is processed. The result is forever changed and ultimately changes “the rest of the universe.”

TRANSDUCTION 2:  The process of changing continuous waves into discontinuous quanta:  “according to Max Born, ‘The quanta is the result of the transformation of mechanical energy into radiation.’” (World of Physics, Vol. I, pp. 68)   This is Einstein’s semi-famous photoelectric effect which gave proof of the existence of Planck’s quanta.  It was for this—the  origin of quantum theory (which he came to detest)—that Einstein got the Nobel Prize, not relativity.  Go figure.

Diane Ackerman has a wonderful way of portraying this process in  A Natural History of The Senses::

One of the most profound paradoxes of being human is that the thick spread of sensation we relish isn't perceived directly by the brain.  The brain is silent, the brain is dark, the brain tastes nothing, the brain hears nothing.  All it receives are electrical impulses—not the sumptuous chocolate melting sweetly, not the oboe solo like the flight of a bird, not the tingling caress, not the pastels of peach and lavender at sunset over a coral reef—just impulses.  The brain is blind, deaf, dumb, unfeeling.  The body is a transducer (from Latin, transducere, to lead across, transfer), a device that converts energy of one sort to energy of another sort, and that is its genius.  Our bodies take mechanical energy and convert it to electrical energy.

TRUTH:  the understanding.  There is no TRUTH, only the understanding of truth.  This is the only wisdom.

UNIVERSE:  Literally, “one verse,” one version, turn or cycle. (of what?  How about world, “old one”)  Universe is a cycle of existence. Universe is one verse” or “version” of The Ultimate Substratum’s desire and ability to be aware of itself.

WAVE~WORLD:  my home on earth. The world that exists between the slices of space-time that are observed; where the continuous standing-wave (Schrödinger’s wave-packet model) defines, creates and maintains the discontinuous, temporary particle. Where, you could say more poetically, the universe is created, maintained and contained by rhythm and song.  The ‘majority opinion’ however, was to accept his mathematics but refuse the graphic interpretation it led to.  Hence, the Schrödinger wave equation, the “centerpiece” of quantum mechanics and “the wonder of atomic physics” (J.H. Weaver), survives only as a process that defies graphic interpretation.  This discarded model however, remains to be “the top secret of the physical universe…the rhythm to which all creation dances”  (Alan McGlashen).

In science, the wave world is transformed into the particle world through quantum mechanics and their highly accurate (though highly problematic) mode of measurement/observation.  A quantum mechanic is limited to seeing everything in terms of particles.  A wave mechanic can do either or both.

A photograph of something is at least one dimension short of the reality it reproduces (transforms).  In the same manner, our perceptions and thus our measurements are at least one dimension less than the reality they reproduce (transform).

Aldous Huxley tells us in The Doors of Perception:

“That which, in the language of religion, is called “this world” is the universe of reduced awareness, expressed, and, as it were, petrified by language.”

Think about how “Thoughts die the moment they are embodied by words.” (Schopenhauer)

Then think about the transformation of information as thoughts are transformed into words.  Hence, the loss of dimension in the process of communication.

At both ends of our journey lies a pot of gold; the incredible relationship between the cardinal dualities; where they define each other by becoming each other; where “in time the clock slows as the universe grows.”  Not from any finite or “modern” point of view, mind you, but from an imaginary point of view.  I.E., the Aether, or G.O.D.    We can only see moments, or slices of spacetime, not the spacetime continuum itself.  We see nature “caught in the act” of becoming itself.  The eye cannot see its own four dimensionality any more than it can see the four dimensionality of what it sees.  The primary process that bridges all dualities, although perceived—as weight!—is forever invisible.  But we can imagine it.

The most important result however, is the communion brought about by the medium of all aspects of motion, the aether (currently called “the field” in physics.  But ‘a rose by any other name’…).  The aether is “the seat,” the field of play, and the embodiment of all the above invisible metaphors including entropy; and ultimately, it’s where physics is transformed into metaphysics, the very reason for our journey in the first place.

The popular discipline called “Process Philosophy” has a term that distinguishes our affiliation with this invisible aether/entropy concept, called “transcendent reach.”

We construct our world picture against an endless [infinite] background which helps reveal the finitude of this picture.  We are related to this picture which can be directly investigated (grasped) in all sorts of ways.  However we are also related (through our transcendent reach) to what does not belong to this realm of finitude which is also in the background disclosing this finitude of world and image. This background is beyond our grasp and utterance and yet is the source of what is grasped and uttered.  That for which there is no picture makes the world picture possible. (Hugh William, Process Philosophy List-serve.  I.e., the internet) Bold Italics mine

Like absolute truth and perfection (closure), this transcendent reach “is an unattainable goal.”  I’m not entirely sure.  Nevertheless, the journey itself may, in some undefined, poetic way, be equal to attaining it.  

WORLD: wer 'one', or 'man' + ald 'old' i.e., "old-one" (American Heritage Collegiate Dictionary) For me, the world is the largest system we can conceive of that would contain the infinity of galaxies we perceive.