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The Joke's On You (JOY) : This is an Overture in 10 parts, from 2001-2009 Songs of Mystery (SOM) This is the 1991 version; used mostly for notes and appendices.

Preface (1987)


I  Prelude

II So What

III The Universal Principle of Change

IV Finite Disguise

V The Procession of Four Dimensionality

VI Interlude

VII The Emperor Wears No Clothes

VIII An Eye That Sees

IX Dementia’s MASC

X Poetry and Paradox


Joy: "The Rime"

The Great Conversation 

Wave World 

Life's Word Part 1

Life's Word Part 2

Chapter 1:  PsiFi
Chapter 2:  The Collapse of The Wave Function

Chapter 3:  The Copenhagen Interpretation Of Quantum Mechanics

Chapter 4:  Renormalization
Chapter 4B Reprise
Chapter 5:  The Fall
Chapter 6:  The Joke’s On You
Chapter 7:  The Fourth Dimension
Chapter 8:  The Eye That Sees
Chapter 9:  Growth, Gravity and God
Chapter 10:  Massenergy Acceleration
Chapter 11:  Existence Demands Resistance
Chapter 12:  Attraction = No Resistance

Chapter 13:  Reprise
Chapter 14:  The Curvature Of Time


My Induced Psychosis 


Quotes And Notes  


Images Of Matter

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I: Weyl

II Huxley